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My Services


Designed to learn working with a variety of cms, Also found vulnerabilities in content management systems. CMS such as Concrate5,Bludit,Typo3

MSA Tools

In MSA Tools there are various tools written by me, also most of them are open source and functional. Current tools like Mr.Hasher,B.A.S,MSA_Pass

Hacking Training

I am active in hacking and security and I teach. There are free trainings on and Money plans are available on my website.

Web Programming

I am a web developer and I teach, like hacking training,programming training is available on my website and in


GuExDb or Guardiran Exploit Database
to use the exploits of the Guardiran Security Team (VIP Exploit)
IN Guardiran.Org

Web Design

I also do website design.
With WordPress Management System or PHP language for writing Web Application
To order, Send Email For Me!

Training Plans

Plan 1
T 200,000
  • 25-Part Course
  • 5 Practice Target
  • Support
  • Exclusive video
  • *Other Instructional Videos
Full Plan
T 400,000
  • 40-Part Course
  • 13 Practice Target
  • 12 hour Support
  • 3 Exclusive video
  • *Other Instructional Videos